Traditional Wedding Cakes

Our more traditional style wedding cakes can be made in rich fruit cake, vanilla sponge which have a variety of fillings: vanilla buttercream, vanilla buttercream with strawberry or raspberry jam, lemon buttercream & lemon curd, orange buttercream & orange curd, Tia Maria & coffee buttercream, or chocolate cake with a variety of fillings: chocolate buttercream, chocolate & orange buttercream with orange curd, chocolate buttercream with blackcherry or raspberry jam, chocolate cake soaked in Baileys with chocolate buttercream, or ‘Mocha’ chocolate cake laced with Tia Maria and filled with chocolate and coffee flavoured buttercream.

Traditional style cakes can be stacked designs, displayed on cake pillars or a wedding cake stand. They can be iced and decorated in any colour scheme that you wish with handmade sugar flowers or fresh flowers if you prefer, to compliment the design.

We can even match the flowers that you are having in your bouquet.

If you already have your wedding cake made but want something for the top of the cake why not order one of our personalised bride & grooms? They are handmade from sugar and marzipan and are fashioned in the outfits you will be wearing on the day as well as hair colours and styles etc.

Are you on a budget but still require a quality wedding cake? We offer some of our wedding cake designs at budget prices as well as plain white iced cakes that you can decorate yourself.

We have everything you need!

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